Monday, 17 February 2014

The Blooming Age of Explorations I

From our library: 

If You Were There in 1492, by Barbara Brenner What was going on in the world when Columbus discovered America?

Pedro's Journal, by Pam Conrad Fictional journal of a cabin boy that accompanied Columbus to the New World.

Great Atlas of Discovery, by Neil Grant Beautifully illustrated book that shows the many facets of world exploration.

French Founders of North America, by Sabra Holbrook This is a great, readable overview for high school students!

Voyages of Captain Cook, by Jason Hook About the many discoveries Captain Hook made - from Tahiti to the Sandwich Islands.

Seven Great Explorations, by Celia King Pop-up book shows many explorations!

Who in the World Was the Forgotten Explorer? By Lorene Lambert
Covers life of Amerigo Vespucci, from boyhood to his days as an explorer.

Settlers on a Strange Shore, by Edith McCall This predominantly covers the French, the Spaniards at St. Augustine, Roanoke Island, Jamestown, and Plymouth.

First Book of New World Explorers, Louise Rich Narrative that begins with the Vikings, then on to Columbus, the Spaniards, Magellan, and the French.

Christopher Columbus, by Peter and Connie Roop "In Their Own Words: Christopher Columbus tells the exciting story of Columbus's life using the journals he kept while travelling to the New World. Hear Columbus's story as if you were really there."

And don't forget the exciting adventures of all the explorers!

~ Henry Hudson, by Dorothea Snow

~ Balboa: Finder of the Pacific
~ Cartier: Finder of the St. Lawrence
~ De Soto: Finder of the Mississippi
~ Francisco Coronado and the Seven Cities of Gold

All by excellent writer Ronald Syme!

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