Saturday, 1 February 2014

Just Added

Winter at Valley Forge, by F. Van Wyck Mason
Another in the great Landmark history series: The fateful winter of 1777 - 78 led to strengthened courage among Washington's men.

Why Does It Rain? By Chris Arvetis
A Just Ask book, a great series for introducing children to all kinds of science topics. We have collected about 24 titles so far, topics like: What Is a Desert? A Mountain? River, Rainbow, Star, Ocean, Wave, Space Shuttle, Butterfly? What Is Electricity? What Is the Moon? What Makes Day and Night? Why Do Animals Sleep Through Winter? Why Does It Snow? Why Do Birds Sing? Why Does It Float? Why Does It Fly? Why Is the Grass Green? and ... the Sky Blue?

Iliad of Homer; retold by Alfred J.Church
Wonderfully readable!

Happy Hollisters and the Merry-Go-Round Mystery and The Mystery at Missile Town, by Jerry West

The Story of George Washington, by May McNeer
Charming illustrations.

George Washington's Cows, by David Small

New Ways in Math, by Arthur Jonas
Ah, this wonderful little math book, the liveliest introduction to binary numbers I have seen! This is a very readable short overview of the history of math and an introduction to its higher levels: "Algebra is the basis for more advanced mathematics. If you understand this chapter, you will be good in algebra and enjoy it." Grade 3 and up.
Illustrated by Aliki.

Division (Discovering Math), by David Stienecker
Learn division with interesting projects.

Maria's Comet, by Deborah Hopkinson
Lovely first biography about astronomer Maria Mitchell.

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