Sunday, 30 March 2014

On Birds and Spring!

Spring is finally arriving with great strides! Are we not all waiting for the multitude of birds to fill the outdoors with life again? 

Following are various favourites about birds and spring - and also some great activity ideas to go along with them!

Why Do Birds Sing? By Chris Arvetis Grades K - 3

Some Birds Have Funny Names, by Diana Harding Cross, illustrated by Jan Brett Why is a roadrunner called a roadrunner? Or what about the catbird, the flycatcher or the ovenbird? For grades K - 4.

Birds and their Beaks, by Olive Earle Splendid illustrations. Covers a great number of birds and all kinds of different beaks! Grades 3 - 9.

Crinkleroot's 25 Birds Every Child Should Know, by Jim Arnosky A very colourful overview, large illustrations, very fun!

Bird Talk, by Roma Gans Did you know that a woodpecker has no territory song, but marks it off by drumming with its beak? A book in the Let's-Read-And-Find-Out series.

First Look at Bird Nests, by Millicent Selsam When you come across a nest, how can you learn to tell to which bird it belongs? You need to find the clues - the material used, the shape of the nest and its location. Clear, brief and simple. Grades 1 - 4.

Birds Do the Strangest Things, by Leonora and Arthur Hornblow Delightful!

Baltimore Orioles, by Barbara Brenner A science 'I Can Read Book" for kids in grades K - 3.

But Ostriches, by Aileen Fisher. Not the kind of bird we would naturally see up here, but nonetheless intriguing ~ you might be surprised at the things presented in this wonderful distinctive book about the tallest of birds.

Redbird - Story of a Cardinal and Ruby Throat - Story of a Hummingbird, both by beloved author Robert McClung Wonderful books by a good author.

Downy Woodpecker, by Paul McCutcheon Sears How interesting to follow a woodpecker throughout the year! Grades 2 - 7.

A Nest Full of Eggs, by Priscilla Belz Jenkins A Let-s Read-And-Find-Out Science book.

Song of the Swallows, by Leo Politi "Every summer, the swallows leave San Juan Capistrano and fly far away, to a peaceful green island - but they always come back in the spring, on St. Joseph's Day. Juan loves las golondrinas, and so does his friend, Julian, the gardener at the mission.
This year, Juan plants a garden in his own yard. There's nothing he wants more than for the swallows to nest there. And on St. Joseph's Day, his dream comes true."

Tony's Birds, by Millicent Selsam About a boy who loves birdwatching, a "Science I Can Read Book'. Grades 1- 3.

The Lark Who Had No Song, by Carolyn Nystrom A little woodpecker wonders why he is so different from the others - until one day he makes a discovery... A story about self-acceptance. Grades 1 - 4.

Angelo, by David Macaulay A beautiful story of friendship between a church plasterer and an injured pigeon.

Albert, by Donna Napoli A cardinal builds a nest on a man's windowsill.... an enchanting story with just gorgeous illustrations!

Spring is Here! By Dorothy Sterling and Exploring Spring, by Sandra Markle both compliment the study of birds with lovely tales about other animals during the unfolding of this happy season, plus special science activities and games ...

... or make your own robin's nest, a great craft idea that we really enjoyed (and it turned out quite beautifully, too!):

Robin's Nest

More wonderful ideas to savour the season:
Springly Craft Ideas

Have fun!!


  1. Thanks for the links to those craft ideas. We may have to try the robin nest idea!

  2. It was fun to make and turned out really well, we used it as a cheerful centrepiece on our Easter table. : )