Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"The Story About Ping" Unit Tub

I've started to work on some unit tubs that go along with the wonderful, rich Five In A Row curriculum.

This idea originated with Michelle Miller's library in Traverse City, Michigan and it is a great way of exploring living books for all of your schooling.

Eventually there will be bins for all the stories in the Five In A Row program - this one is based on the Story About Ping, by Marjorie Flack.

Those of you who are familiar with this program will know that each unit is based on an exceptional picture book and usually the five major subject areas (history, geography, science, math, art) are subsequently explored.

The idea of these tubs is to complement this great program, as they contain many wonderful living books that are connected to the central book in the Five In A Row guide and to the main ideas extracted from it. All of the books fit into a handy bin and can be read over a couple of weeks. They will allow children to make connections naturally, as they do, resulting in an enjoyable and delightful learning experience.

The bins are quite flexible and can be used with preschoolers and elementary school children. My older children still enjoy many of these and I can't wait to use them again with my toddler!

Let's have a quick look at the books that can be found in the tub about Ping~

There are books about China, books about occupations, like Boats on the River, also by Marjorie Flack (beautifully illustrated), books about ducks, water safety, drawing water (Water - Through the Eyes of Artists), books on children in China (like Mei Li, by Thomas Handforth, a 1939 Caldecott Medal winner), books on Pandas; math lessons - Every Buddy Counts; books on science - floating and sinking, reflections and mirrors (like the engaging Mirror on the Wall, by Philip Carona), rivers; books on character lessons - Watch Where You Go (discernment) and of course, the poem "The Mirror", by A.A. Milne, which is mentioned in the guide, is included here.

I'm planning to work on some more tubs over the summer - the next one up is based on Lentil, by Robert McCloskey!

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