Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Illustrated By ... Marguerite de Angeli

Such charm! Marguerite De Angeli's (1889 - 1987) illustrated books not only intrigue with well-developed stories and plots, but are especially full of her beautiful, delicate drawings. These books epitomize days gone by when books were holding children dear and were lavishing them with their stories and sweet illustrations.
Just lovely.

~ Book of Favorite Hymns

~ Copper-Toed Boots (boy longs for some boots)

~ Door in the Wall (set in Medieval times; the copy I have is an especially treasured one, as it has an autographed inscription by the author with an authentic little ink drawing underneath it. What a find!)

~ Fiddlestrings (boy learns to play the violin)

~ Henner's Lydia (story of an Amish girl)

~ Jared's Island (story of a shipwrecked boy)

~ Just Like David (story of a travelling family)

~ Skippack School (story about a German immigrant girl settling in Pennsylvania)

~ Turkey for Christmas (a poor family has to make choices for Christmas)

~ Whistle for the Crossing (story of a boy's father running the first train between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh)

From Henner's Lydia:

From Copper-Toed Boots:

From A Turkey for Christmas:

From Skippack School:

From Just Like David:

A more complete overview of Marguerite De Angeli's books can be found on Valerie's Living Books page.

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