Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Delectable Education

Do you still have many questions about how to implement a Charlotte Mason education? Or are you looking for some fresh inspiration?

Three fabulous ladies have just begun a wonderful podcast:

A Delectable Education

"Not what we have learned, but what we are waiting to know is the delectable part of knowledge"

 ~ School Education, p. 224

For the most part, you will not find "the delectable part of knowledge" in public school classrooms (fill-in-the-blanks, dry textbooks, too many oral lessons are, after all, pretty uninspiring). The Charlotte Mason philosophy is so different from what public schools are doing that it certainly is a leap of faith to trust her philosophy of education. Luckily, her methods have been proven very successful over the last 125 years! So much so that there are still very fine CM private schools around!

A Charlotte Mason School

Yet, every such school often brings it own approach into the mix. Even Ambleside Online often seems to be too methodological (and its implementation of dry science textbooks for lack of better living books knowledge or the unavailability therof ) to me has been a turn-off. Yet I know this site is very popular with homeschoolers.

Therefore, I'm so excited to blog about the fabulous podcast above. Coming from Emily Kiser and Liz Cottrill, this is simply bound to be good! Under their guidance you will be able to dig deep into the very heart of a Charlotte Mason education!

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