Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Lovely Recent Find

A lovely recent find.

Now on to the cataloguing, cleaning, repairing, and shelving. Meanwhile, books will disappear and reappear as our children are exploring these gems on their own!

I am especially excited about the discovery of three books in the unmatched Landmark History series- Marie Antoinette, Alexander the Great, and The First Overland Mail. These are wonderfully readable for children in grades 4 through 10!

From Marie Antoinette, by Bernardine Kielty, published in 1955:

" Marie Antoinette was one of the most captivating princesses of all time. With her high-combed blonde headdress and her lightly billowing costume of frothy blue, she was like a china figure of exquisite workmanship - a creature light-hearted and gay, out of a faraway golden age."

From Alexander the Great, by John Gunther, published in 1953:

" The boy stood out there in the hot sun. He was of medium height, with ruddy blond hair, a straight nose, blue eyes, and a handsome figure. He had great physical courage and energy, and his mind was packed with dreams - such dreams as few people have ever had. His name was Alexander, and he was the son of Philip, King of Macedon."


  1. Great blog! Your books sound very interesting, and I can tell that you have a passion for this library. Keep up the good work!

  2. Some treasures there! So glad you're there! What a blessing to your community