Thursday, 13 February 2014

Simply delicious!

From our library:

Some science ... 

Gulf Stream, by Ruth Brindze A very well-written and colourful introduction to this river in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

Parrotfish and Sunken Ships, by Jim Arnosky About the underwater life and treasures that are hidden in a coral reef.

Birth of an Island, by Millicent Selsam A volcanic island is born and is soon teeming with life!

What Does the Tide Do? By Jean and Cle Kinney What a boy eagerly observes about the changing of the tides.

Sargasso Sea, by Francine Jacobs "Ever since ancient seafarers dared to enter its weedy waters, the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean has been shrouded in myth and mystery." Science, but written as a lively, absorbing story. You will also find out why this sea is called an ocean desert.

The First Transatlantic Cable, by Adele Gutman Nathan Another wonderful Landmark history book. Have you ever wondered about just how they did it?

Earth's Crust, by Irving and Ruth Adler A simple, straightforward introduction, wonderful for kids in grades 3 to 7.

Geography From A to Z, by Jack Knowlton A colourful and fun overview about such terms as geyser, key, fjord, dune, butte, cape, mountain pass - and many more!

Journey Into a Black Hole, by Franklyn M. Branley "The gravity of a black hole is so strong that nothing can escape from it, not even light." 
Fascinating, easy intro. 

... and some history

Ancient Greece, by John D. Clare A book in the Living History Series. A great series, in which re-enactors show what life was like during a specific time period!

One Day in Elizabethan England, by G.B. Kirtland Spend a day in Shakespeare's time!

Story of Edith Cavell, by Iris Vinton Edith Cavell was a nurse - and arrested as a spy during World War I. This great biography in the Signature Series will just sweep you away!

and maybe some history in the making?

How to Be an Inventor, by Harvey Weiss "If you've ever had an an idea for an invention - even a vague idea or a wacky one -- but haven't known what to do next, then this books is for you. The author of many popular how-to books, Harvey Weiss, is at his inspiring best in this unique guide to the process of invention."

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