Friday, 24 October 2014

The Astonishing Effect of Being Raised on Good Books

Recently, an exciting discovery reinforced our belief in the best books and let us experience firsthand their effect on a child's education.
My oldest daughter is taking an English course at VLC this year, for a grade 9 credit. We find that this is quite a demanding school - lots of assignments and intensive lessons.
We've also found it very encouraging to see her rise to the occasion - she is currently an "A" student.
More remarkable, though, is probably the fact that English is not even her first language (German is) and that she's been homeschooled in Canada for the seven years we've been here. Although our "school work" is done in English, we do still speak a lot of German here at home as well.

Thus, we can only credit her success with all the great books that fill our house and which she's been enjoying throughout the years, across all subjects. She loves to read (especially books in English) and has developed a distinct taste for the better and the best of them.
Somehow she must have internalized the vocabulary, grammar, and general structure of excellent writing, somewhat effortlessly, while relishing in hundreds and hundreds of adventures and explorations.

What a powerful effect!

"Reading is at the very heart of education. The knowledge of almost every subject in school flows from reading."

                                        ~ Jim Trelease, author of The Read-Aloud Handbook

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