Thursday, 13 August 2015

Short Book Review: Organs Telling Their Story!

Just shelved: This is a truly fascinating collection of articles from the viewpoint of various organs! A really great supplement to the study of anatomy!

I am Joe's Body, by J.D. Ratcliff

It covers so many organs, that it is hard to choose one for review. I would just like to give you a glimpse into the account of the ear here:

"Joe is impressed by the computer his company bought not long ago. It will perform seeming miracles, but to me it is as crude as a concrete mixer. Perhaps I am prejudiced, for I am a triumph of miniaturization. Nowhere in his body is so much crammed into so small a space as in me. I have enough electrical circuits to provide phone service for a good-sized city. I am also a kind of automatic pilot, keeping Joe from toppling over.
I am Joe's right ear, and I do all this in a space not much larger than a hazelnut! Joe considers his eyes his most important sensory organs. Yet, without my partner and me, he would be doomed to solitary sonic confinement - far more emotionally disabling than blindness."

Compiled in 1975 by Reader's Digest; 205 pages. Much more interesting (and a living book) on the inside!

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