Thursday, 26 December 2013

This Blog Is Dedicated to a Living Books Library

This blog is dedicated to a living books library of rare, out-of-print children's books, located in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada.

We try to collect the very best books that have ever been written for children. Books full of wonderful stories, knowledge and values that have thrilled the hearts and minds of children time and again.
This makes our library very different from public libraries that only collect what is current and of the latest publications. Books are constantly being discarded from these public venues to make room for the most recent ones!
Although there are some good books even published today, many are less worthy, due to the influences prevailing in today's society.

An excellent (and disheartening) article on how some authors use today's Young Adult literature to infuse young minds with their progressive, secular views can be found here:

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  1. Very nice blog and a very excellent library!