Monday, 1 December 2014

Beautiful Books Have the Ability to Evoke Treasured Memories!

As the peaceful season is enveloping us once again in a foreign country, this is what we miss at Christmas, so beautifully evoked by this lovely picture book!

"Relatives laden with babies and bundles crowd into the tiny house until it is swollen with family.
Kissing and hugging make the rounds; no one escapes. Children are measured, pictures admired, and treasured stories retold again and again. (...) From stove, icebox, and pantry comes a parade of favorite dishes. Finally, the room grows quiet. The voice of my grandmother drifts down the length of the table, giving thanks for food, and Christmas,
and family. (...) Warmed by laughter, hugs, and family, we snuggle back in bed once again... ."

                                         ~ From Coal Country Christmas, by Elizabeth Ferguson Brown