Sunday, 14 June 2015

On now! Living History Table: Cowboys and the Wild West

There is history, but there is also just plain fun summer time reading! 

We have collected oodles of all-time-favourites, both boys and girls can enjoy these! Here are just a few for you to sample : )

All cowboy gear had a very practical purpose ... .
"Why the Cowboy dressed that way."

So funny!

Two  older gems by Sanford Tousey!

Cowboys in Texas!

"Josiah Eagle used to live on a homestead near Willow Creek, Wyoming. For a while he stayed at the Boys Home, but now he's hiding out in the hills. (...) Most of the folk in Willow Creek think he's an outlaw like his Pa - that he helped with the robberies. There's plenty of talk about lynching him. Bart Gibson, the rancher, doesn't think much about anything except his own secret reason for wanting to get his hands on the boy. What's going to happen to Josiah Eagle?"
Exciting Christian fiction for ages 10 - 15.

A classic Western horse story. 

This gives a detailed look!

Funny! We love this one by Glen Rounds!

Book #1 in the Canadian West series, especially enjoyed by girls!

An artist to explore would be Frederick Remington, his various western scenes are marvellous and he was an eyewitness!